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Unbelievable Enzo Ferrari Signed 1952 Two Page Letter “The official team remains defined as follows: Farina, Villoresi, Ascari, and Taruffi.”

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“No one remembers who took second place and that will never be me." 
-Enzo Ferrari 
A name that makes young boys dream of one day owning one of his incredible machines.  Enzo Ferrari, born on February 18th, 1898, in Modena, Italy, was an Italian entrepreneur and race car driver.  Growing up he had little formal education, but he was very interested in car racing.  After loosing his father and brother to a virus, and his family business collapsing, he decided to follow his childhood dream and began racing.  In 1929 he founded the ‘Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix’ motor racing team and just after World War II Enzo began to build cars under his iconic Ferrari name.  Ferrari is a brand now known around the world, who's cars are seen as an insignia of luxury and wealth.  

Over the course of his lifetime, his cars won more than 4,000 races and claimed 13 world championships. In recognition of his accomplishments, he was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1994. 

This incredible, museum quality piece, is a part of Ferrari History, and is dated February 1, 1952, only five years after forming his iconic Ferrari Company, and the first year Ferrari would win a Championship. We have never seen a letter, available to the public, of this level. This typed written letter, with official Ferrari logo letterhead, is addressed to Aldo Dacco, importer of “Champion Spark Plugs” and friend of Enzo Ferrari. Enzo speaks of Changes being made to the Official Ferrari Racing Team, and the importance of winning, but most importantly he mentions, maybe for the first time publicly in this letter, the new lineup of the Ferrari race team that would go on to win Ferrari’s very first World Title. This lineup includes Alberto Ascari, who would this year win his sixth consecutive grand prix to become F1 World Champion and give the Scuderia Ferrari its very first Drivers’ World title that year(1952).  Enzo writes, “The official team remains defined as follows: Farina, Villoresi, Ascari, and Taruffi.”  The Importance of this letter, to Ferrari history, cannot be overstated.

This impressive document’s first page is a copy of the verso signature side. The signature page is original and beautifully hand signed by Enzo Ferrari, "Ferrari" in his signature purple pen.

Next to this letter we’ve included a photo of the great Enzo Ferrari standing next to one of his prized machines. Below and centered is a quote from Ferrari that he lived by;

“No one remembers who took second place and that will never be me." 
-Enzo Ferrari 

All of this is beautifully framed in our hand built, contemporary, wide frame, enhanced with professional white matting.

As with all of our works, every piece is original.  Only the highest quality materials have been used in the assembly of this item.  Sourced from the best manufacturers around the world, we build every frame tailored specifically for the item it will hold.  Protected with 99% UV museum quality glass, and carefully crafted with acid free paper whenever possible.  Our premium wood moldings are cut using the newest technology and every single piece is assembled and inspected by our team here in Los Angeles.

All autographs have been authenticated by third party experts from the top authenticators in the country, and notarized certificates of authenticity are included in a black leather portfolio.  Copies of the original authentications are kept on file with Billionaire Collectibles and can be retrieved by the original purchaser.

We stand 100% behind all of our works of art, and offer a lifetime guarantee on every piece, for as long as you own it.


Letter Reads as follows:


Dear Aldo,

I answer your 29 last month.

The changes I have made I would not consider them substantial but simply adhering to the real onety

I am therefore replying to your letter by points.

a) The official team remains defined as follows: Farina, Villoresi, Ascari, and Taruffi.

As for Parsons, I told you that Chinetti had sold the car to the Grant House and that this had hired Parsons and that the same would then come to Europe to compete in the tests of the world championship relying on our organization. It is evident that at present, I cannot offer you concrete insurance such as the one you desire, nevertheless, it is legitimate to hope that the same will enter in the team.

As for Gonzalez, you understand that it is not possible to define it as he depends on political authority, and just it will be able to decide on its future activity; at least this I seemed to understand from the last exchange of telegrams.

b) Regarding the application of the ranking prizes, I can assure you that the condition set by me has now been accepted by Shell as well as by Pirelli and Englebert. So I don't see the reason why Champion shouldn't line up under the same conditions.

It's obvious that my organization with its machine available, the riders engaged, the means from transportation and equipment of your

knowledge should not turn its activity other than to the most important races, which are often the most profitable. I, therefore, see no need for secure dictates activity to a list of races that, for unforeseen events, independent of each other's will, could significantly change their importance throughout the season.

d) The quantity of 4000 candles can be reduced to 3000 with the understanding that on the occasion of the Grand Prizes we will be able to find about 100 candles, for each of them in place, avoiding so the import of those quantities which are used on those particular occasions.

e) The figure from my request, as I have already told you, is nothing more than the reimbursement of what Marelli has already billed me and still billing for the magnets, and the revision of the same, after having had confirmation that I do not adopt its spark plugs neither on the cars of the series nor in the race.

So, in conclusion, I run simply for the rewards of ranking whose amount, as you know, is 50% up to the pilot. Therefore, I do not see why I should waive the reimbursement of what I have to pay to your competitor.

I highly recommend the remittance from England and the sending of the first quantity of candles, while Giberti returning from Brussels has been assured that, if you wish, you can withdraw in that country as much as needed on the occasion of the next Belgian Grand Prix.

Best regards.

MODENA, 1 February 1952


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