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"We are all Inspired by that which we surround ourselves with."  
-The Billionaire Collection

Welcome to the official page of The Billionaire Collection.  

The Founders:

Dan Caldwell and iLdiKo Ferenczi, The Billionaire Collection.

Caldwell and Ferenczi are both experienced entrepreneurs, each founding multi-million dollar companies.  After selling their businesses in 2010 and 2012, they met in Las Vegas Nevada while there for work.  It wasn’t long before Los Angels native Dan Caldwell, and Hungarian Canadian iLdiKo Ferenczi, were married in 2016.

One night the couple had a conversation about the courage and dedication it takes to be great, and how quotes from inspirational people of the past had helped them on their journey.  It was this and their passion for business, travel, and collecting that lead them on this exciting journey they called The Billionaire Collection Gallery.

Today these two entrepreneurs travel the world like a modern day Indiana Jones, hunting down incredible signed pieces of History.  Curating beautiful museum quality documents, from the most influential coveted leaders, and entrepreneurs of the past.  They then feature them with that person’s most powerful quotes, fusing them in such a way so that it captures their legacy within the frame. 

“These are prized conversation pieces, and tend to be investments for those selective, hard to buy-for individuals, that have everything”, “We know some of the most influential people of our time are collectors”, Caldwell says.  “We do most of our business with very interesting people who have done and built amazing things.”  “I think interesting, inspiring people love to surround themselves with interesting, inspiring things”, says Ferenczi.

Today they live in Malibu, CA with their two beautiful children and they are enjoying every minute of this new adventure.


Whether it is a work of art, a collectible piece of history, an autograph from an inspirational athlete, or a quote from an entrepreneurial leader, these things in which we surround ourselves with, have a profound affect on us.  Knowing that these great Individuals have encountered challenges in their lives, and have found the courage to triumph over them, defying the impossible and changing the world, is both inspiring and it gives us strength.  The most successful individuals in the world are known for collecting art, autographed items, and for using quotes to derive inspiration.  We've found a way to bring all of these things together in a way that will both inspire you, and give you long term investment value.  

These items have been acquired from exclusive  auctions and personal collection's around the world.  Browse through our galleries of framed art, and autographed books, and find that unique piece that will inspire you, and the people that surround you.


Thank you for visiting us.


Ildiko Ferenczi, 

Co-founder of The Billionaire Collection

What We Do:

All framed works of art are original pieces, acquired and hand assembled, by The Billionaire Collection.  All autographs have been authenticated by third party experts, and documentation has been included as to it's Authenticity.  Copies of original authentications are kept on file with The Billionaire Collection and can be retrieved by the purchaser at any time.  

Only the highest quality materials are used during the assembly of these treasured works of art.  We source our woods from around the world, and each piece is individually designed and crafted to reflect the work that it will hold. To protect these treasures, every piece is faced with the finest, crystal clear, 99% UV, museum quality glass and only acid free paper is used throughout.  All of our premium wood moldings are cut using the newest technology.  Every piece is hand assembled and inspected by our team here in Los Angeles before it ever sees the light of a gallery.  

We stand 100% behind all of our works of art and offer a lifetime guarantee on every piece as long as you own it.

Billionaire Collectibles

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