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Rare Harry Houdini Signed 1918 Literary Contract: “I always have on my mind...”


“I always have on my mind the thought that next year I must do something greater, something more wonderful.”
-Harry Houdini

An amazing 1918 literary contract with the extraordinary Harry Houdini, undoubtedly the most famous magician to ever live. This unbelievable document provides proof that Houdini worked essentially as an agent, helping new authors to get deals, something not previously known to historians. This is a remarkable piece that absolutely should be resting in a museum somewhere.

Born in Austria hungry and he moved to the United States at the age of four. There he would develop an interest in magic from and early age and quickly developed a skill at escaping from handcuffs. He toured Europe, astonishing police departments with his ability to wiggle free of whatever restraints they placed on him. He would then perform even more spectacular escapes. You would move from handcuffs to straight jackets two ropes and chains; he would combine all of them deat once. He would perform his escapes while hanging upside down over the streets of Manhattan; he would perform them while trapped inside a tank of wateeer. He was and still is, legendary in the truest sense of the word.

Harry Houdini’s rise to fame was not an easy one. Houdini's early career began in New York beer halls and theaters. Performing for the most part in dime museums, on platforms next to snake charmers, fire-eaters and human oddities, Harry and his brother Theo performed during the 1893 World's Fair. Word was spreading of his talent, but Houdini still struggled financially. It wasn’t until he started to do his daring escapes that he became an international star.

Harry Houdini became the world’s most celebrated magician who enthralled audiences through his daring and unbelievable escapes. He was also an author, actor, director, and even an aviation pioneer, becoming the first person to fly in Australia. 

This two page contract, dated August 20th, 1918, is between Houdini and Angelo Lewis who’s literary alias is noted as ‘Professor Hoffman.’  A two page agreement giving Houdini the right to represent Lewis’s new book.  On the designated line, on the second page, Harry Houdini boldly signs his name in black with steel-tip fountain pen.

Next to this remarkable two page contract is a copy photo, depicting Houdini looking powerful in a beautiful five piece suit.

Below the documents and photo we've included a quote from Houdini that speaks to his mindset. A man in constant battle to out do what he has done before. A man striving for perfection.
“I always have on my mind the thought that next year I must do something greater, something more wonderful.”
-Harry Houdini

All of this is beautifully framed in our hand built, contemporary, wide frame, enhanced with professional white matting.

As with all of our works, every piece is original.  Only the highest quality materials have been used in the assembly of this item.  Sourced from the best manufacturers around the world, we build every frame tailored specifically for the item it will hold.  Protected with 99% UV museum quality glass, and carefully crafted with acid free paper whenever possible.  Our premium wood moldings are cut using the newest technology and every single piece is assembled and inspected by our team here in Los Angeles.

All autographs have been authenticated by third party experts from the top authenticators in the country, and notarized certificates of authenticity are included in a black leather portfolio.  Copies of the original authentications are kept on file with Billionaire Collectibles and can be retrieved by the original purchaser.

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